Microblading has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years and small wonder. Not only does it help a lady’s brows look great on the day, but in an age when camera technology captures finer detail than ever before, it ensures their brows look good in pictures of special occasions.

If you are considering getting some microblading in Warwickshire, you might be wondering where the technique came from. 

The answer is Asia, although there is no clear consensus over exactly where and when. However, unlike paper or fireworks, this is not something that emerged in China thousands of years ago, but in much more modern times. That said, some form of eyebrow tattooing can be traced back centuries.

Often, incorrectly, the place of origin is often identified as Japan, but in reality the Japanese were behind other nations as it emerged over the last 25 years. Singapore and South Korea were doing it regularly in the 2000s. 

However, it has often been given different names, such as ‘micro stroking’, ‘feathering’, ‘feather tattooing’, or ‘eyebrow embroidery’. Some of these refer to techniques that are not, strictly speaking, the same as microblading.

Part of the reason for the myth is that marketers have used the term ‘The Japanese method’ to refer to the method as it started to appear in western countries like the US. 

While the origins of the method are slightly lost in the mists of time, the Far East remains the centre of the industry. Even so, its popularity is growing in the west. 

This does mean, though, that should you pay a visit to one of these countries in the Far East, do not be surprised to see plenty of ladies with microbladed eyebrows. Wherever and whenever exactly true microblading started, it was definitely that part of the world that thought of it first.