Keeping an eye on all the latest beauty trends can be a lot of fun, giving you all sorts of ideas and inspiration for your own personal style. And where better to look than the red carpet and a celebrity star-studded event to see what’s proving popular and what the next big things are set to be?

The Met Gala has just been and gone, of course, so there are a lot of ideas ripe for the picking… but one that has certainly piqued our interest here at Cotswold Cosmetic Artistry is the growing penchant for bleached brows.

These were seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner and model Precious Lee, as well as Maisie Williams – someone who’s long been a supporter of this particular style of eyebrow. 

She first whitened them for the Brit Awards last year, so says Glamour Magazine, complementing them with some teal and dot eye makeup and burgundy lips. This time, she changed it up with an amazing flapper hairstyle and some winged liner… a seriously striking look if ever there was one!

Apparently, makeup enthusiasts over on TikTok have been trialling the trend for themselves, using concealer to get the job done… which could be a good idea if you’re unsure and don’t want to commit to bleaching initially.

While you can bleach your own eyebrows yourself, it might be a better idea to leave it to the professionals, at least for the first time so you know that it’s going to be done well. 

And if you’d like to try other eyebrow trends on for size, get in touch with Warwickshire microblading clinic Cotswold Cosmetic Artistry today.