In a fashion world filled with extremes and variety, it is perhaps no surprise that the eyebrow trends that have become popular leading up to the end of the year have become similarly outlandish.

Whilst the 2010s were focused primarily on more natural thick brows and microblading as seen on celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, the early 2020s have seen a lot more experimentation and bold, inventive looks.

Here are the biggest and boldest trends to look out for this winter.


An eyebrow trend that has entered the equation exceptionally suddenly thanks to the work of Doja Cat is shaving off your eyebrows completely, replacing them with either brow art, semi-permanent makeup or going au-natural with them.

The key to a close shave is to use a men’s safety razor, as they typically have more blades and built-in moisturisers and lubricants to make the shave easier.

Thin Brows

After a long healing period where the likes of Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera popularised the barely-there brow, thin brows have come back into fashion alongside the Y2K fashion trend.

Thankfully, you do not need to be overzealous with the tweezers again to get this look back. Instead, brush brow gel through the brows and then pinch the hair together into the desired shape, using a dark eyebrow pen to get the desired depth.

It takes a few attempts and some patience to get the hairs in place, but it helps give you a bold look without the need for extensive painful plucking and threading.

Bleached Eyebrows

A controversial, stark and striking look, bleached eyebrows have also re-entered the conversation via the Y2K fashion trend.

Bleaching is an ideal way to avoid threading bushy eyebrows as the lighter hair tone blends into the skin and makes even the thickest brows look subtle.

Also be patient and careful, as bleaching eyebrows can cause nasty burns when done wrong.