There are many good reasons for ladies to consider microblading. Some might want to have it as part of a makeover before a special event like a wedding. Others may want to get it done with Christmas coming up. Some may simply want to improve the look of their eyebrows.

However, for one woman here in Warwickshire, it has offered a chance to roll back the years and make her look “ten years younger” according to the person whose opinion will matter most to her – her husband of 50 years.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, 69-year-old Elizabeth Kimberley undertook a makeover that included microblading in Warwickshire and was particularly pleased with what it did for her eyebrows.

The grandmother of four, who works at the Compton Verney country house gallery as a gallery interpreter, said she has not become “complacent” about her appearance as she ages while continuing in her public facing role. “I wouldn’t leave the house without a dab of concealer and a swish of eye pencil,” she noted.

However, she found herself limited by her allergy to the adhesive in eyelash extensions, so she needed a new way of enhancing her eyes, which is why she “instantly agreed” when offered microblading.

Delighted with the result, she said: ”I no longer need to fill in the gaps in my brows to leave the house, and the treatment takes the heat off having to conceal other parts of my face.” 

Of course, microblading is not just about making older women look younger. Sometimes it can help sustain your looks as you deal with some messy situations.

Love Island star Olivia Attwood is a case in point, having ‘ombre brow’ microblading on her lashes before heading to the jungle to appear in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

However, before this and other aspects of her makeover could be given the acid test of trying to stand up to camping, getting covered in slime and crawled over by bugs, she had to withdraw for medical reasons – leaving the likes of Boy George and Matt Hancock to endure such trials instead.