Microblading is a procedure that improves and enhances the look of your eyebrows. It gives a natural, full finish that can last from 12-18 months, giving you perfect-looking brows all year round. 

However, the process of microblading involves implanting pigment into the skin, similar to the process of tattooing. This requires aftercare to ensure your brows heal perfectly and end up looking amazing. 

The pigments used in microblading fade over time. Brows can be touched up or left to fade, although proper aftercare can help results last longer. 

Your skin may be red, slightly sore and uncomfortable immediately after the procedure, but this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is best to leave your eyebrows untouched for a while afterwards to avoid irritating the skin further. 

It can take a couple of weeks for the skin to heal after the procedure and you will need to take good care of it to ensure it heals effectively.

Avoid getting your eyebrow area wet for at least a week, so you will have to wash your face separately from your shower/bath time routine and avoid the eyebrow area while doing so. 

Your brows will get itchy! Small scabs will form over the microbladed areas but please avoid itching these at all costs, as it can cause the pigment to fade quicker. 

It is a good idea not to apply makeup to the area for at least a week afterwards, as it can cause the area to become irritated and sore. If you do need to  wear makeup, apply it minimally to other areas of the face and ensure it is fully removed every night. 

Using healing creams and balms provided by your artist will help speed the healing process up and can help soothe the area too. However, don’t use any that have not been recommended, as they may cause further problems.