Microblading has become hugely popular over the last few years, with more and more women opting for the treatment to have perfectly arched eyebrows that frame their face better.

So, if you’re considering booking an appointment for microblading in Yorkshire, here are some things you should know about how to look after them once you’ve had the procedure done.

  • Gentle cleansing

The area may be red and inflamed for the first couple of days, but this is perfectly normal. The best way to look after your brows is to cleanse them gently.

Do not worry, this won’t remove the pigmentation but will help alleviate any tingling sensations.

  • Coconut oil

To keep the area feeling soft and well-moisturised, it is a good idea to buy some coconut oil. Apply a pea-sized amount on your brows for up to ten days following the treatment, as this will condition the skin.

  • Do not pick at skin

It is important to treat the area with sensitivity. Do not pick at the skin or hair and refrain from rubbing at the skin for the first week at least, as this will delay healing.

  • Avoid cosmetic treatments

As the brows will need a few days to heal properly, it is wise to avoid using cosmetic treatments, such as fillers or Botulinum toxins in the area. Laser removal close to the eyebrow is also best to be avoided.

  • Switch up make-up routine

You should expect to change your make-up routine for the first couple of weeks, as the skin will still be sensitive. Try to avoid foundation or concealer near the brow, as well as tanning lotions, as these could lead to irritation or even infection.