Getting ready in the morning can be a chore… sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, but we know something for sure and that’s that we wish we could just roll out of bed looking fabulous every day. 

While the idea of semi-permanent makeup may seem scary to some, there are a huge number of benefits that come along with the process aside from saving you time in the morning. 

Semi-permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattoo that uses pharmaceutical-grade pigments to enhance your natural features. With proper aftercare, it can give long-lasting results that can ease the burden of ‘putting your face on’ every day.

While semi-permanent makeup gives natural results, it can act as a basis for more extravagant makeup looks. This means you can not only enjoy looking your best all-natural self, but also have the perfect base to build on for the days you’re feeling fancy. 

Those with sensitive skin may even discover health benefits from semi-permanent makeup, as it reduces the need to use products on the skin that can cause inflammation and reactions. There is also a reduction in irritation caused by applying and removing makeup products.

There are a variety of forms of semi-permanent makeup. Microblading can help enhance your brows, giving natural-looking definition and shape and helping to fill sparse areas and create full-looking, gorgeous brows.

Microblading leaves brows looking tidy and means you have less brow maintenance to worry about. Having brows that are perfectly shaped and ready to go means you will find yourself plucking and waxing less. 

You can also have your skin tone evened out, giving a brighter and more even complexion and helping to combat dark spots and redness. 

Lip blushing is another option that provides a natural flush to the lips, giving them a full and plump look without the need for fillers. This is great for those who may have uneven colouring in their lips or who wish to define the shape and outline of their lips. 

Similarly, cheek flushing is another option that can help add a healthy flush of colour to the skin. This gives a youthful and healthy look to your face without the need for layering chemically coloured pigments and powders.

As well as saving time, you will also save money in the long run as you will find you are purchasing fewer makeup products. Foundation? No thank you, your skin is already looking luscious and glowing without it. 

Embracing your natural beauty can play a huge part in boosting your confidence and helping you feel as amazing as you look. This doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself along the way though. Enhancing your natural features so you can look like you on your best days every day is a good place to start.

Having semi-permanent makeup can help boost self-confidence as it reduces the pressure put on you to look ‘done up’ every day. Enhancing your natural beauty is an amazing step to take towards better self-esteem.