For a part of your face that is so relatively small, eyebrows have a remarkable power to transform and frame the look of your face, drawing attention to your eyes in a certain way.

This is, in no small part, why there have been so many different eyebrow trends over the years, with pencil-thin, bushy and thick, and most recently shaved eyebrows thanks to the brave looks of pop star Doja Cat.

Thanks to better brow pencils, semi-permanent makeup and microblading, people have been able to experiment more with their brow game, but over the past century or more, different brows have gone in and out of style, often the result of the influential power of a celebrity style.

Here are some of the most striking.

  1. Billie Holiday

Lady Day was one of the most influential singers of the 1930s and 1940s with her distinctive jazz-influenced voice, but one other place where she was a trailblazer was in her distinctive arched eyebrows.

Thin eyebrows have always gone in and out of style, but as the arc was drawn right above the pupil of the eye, it looked higher than it was and created an authoritative look fitting for one of the greatest singers of her generation.

  1. Madonna

Throughout her decades-long career, Madonna has famously had dozens of different styles, from her early Marilyn Monroe-inspired early look to her rootsy Ray Of Light style, to whatever on earth American Life was.

However, perhaps one of her most iconic brow styles was at the 1987 American Music Awards, where she paired her then iconic blonde hair with a set of thick dark eyebrows.

Whilst these turned out not to be real, they inspired a wave of thicker brows, and you can see elements of this style when Cara Delevingne brought back the thick brow look in 2011.

  1. Drew Barrymore

Also known as the face that launched a thousand tweezers, Drew Barrymore showcased to the world a set of ultra-thin brows that would become the benchmark of so many celebrity styles from the late 1990s up until the early 2010s.