Most people have a particular philosophy they employ with makeup, and some of the steps we take, or others that we neglect can actually make us look older, more tired and lacking that healthy glow to our skin.

Whilst there are many facial fashion faux-pas, here are three of the biggest, most common and ones that can be fixed with the least work.

Overplucking Eyebrows

Eyebrow styles are in an exceptionally strange place leading into the new year, with bright bleached brows on one side and the return of the overly shaped, overly plucked eyebrows on the other, although hopefully not to Drew Barrymore-esque extremes.

However, thin, arched eyebrows are a sign of ageing, which is one reason why bushy brows are so popular. If you do not want to go through the hassle of managing thick brows, however, microblading is an ideal semi-permanent solution that helps boost your look.

Laying Concealer On Too Thickly

A common trick to reduce bags under the eyes is to put on concealer, but be careful not to put on too much or use too thick a formula, as too much can make creases even more prominent than they were already.

Instead, use a lightweight formula that you trust to work its magic.

Forgetting Your Primer Or Blush

When we are in a rush, it is quite natural to neglect steps of our routine, particularly since some make-up routines can have a substantial number of layers.

However, make sure that you do not forget to use a primer with hyaluronic acid, as it will provide a flawless texture to apply your foundation as well as hydrate and keep your natural skin looking younger and fresher.

As well as this, never forget how effective a dab of blush can be, as it is a wonderful way to subtly express yourself and experiment with different styles, shades and levels of coverage.