Women have been obsessed with how they shape and style their eyebrows since the dawn of time, from the pencil thin arches of the ‘90s to the thick, fuller look of the noughties. The latest trend for eyebrows is micro-feathering, with ladies bringing the natural look back into fashion. 

There is a reason why women have played around with their brows so much in history, as their shape can really alter the definition of the face. While everyone loved the skinny lines in the 1930s, brows began to look more natural by the ‘50s, and it seems we’ve gone the same way since Gwen Stefani made drawn-on brows look good 20-something years ago. 

Instead of skinny pointy arches, the latest trends have included microblading, brow mapping, hyperrealism brows and brow lamination. These treatments create a thicker look, helping to enhance the face’s natural features. 

Well, the latest trend now is for micro-feathering. This has already had more than 91,000 views on TikTok, so you know it’s going to be huge. 

The look steps away from the strict lines of microblading and gives a more natural, feathered look to the edges. 

International brow expert Samantha Trace told Refinery29: “Micro-feathering designs the most natural and realistic brows by building up super fine hairs, lending a fluffy and clean-looking eyebrow.”

It is a good option for those who have some brow hairs still, as it builds on these to create a fuller appearance, lasting up to 15 months. 

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