Most women would love to wake up every morning and not have to bother with their make-up routine, but if you fall into one of the following categories, semi-permanent make-up could really be just the thing for you. 

Poor eyesight

Trying to apply liquid eyeliner or mascara when you have poor eyesight is really difficult. Without being able to see accurately, you could make a total mess of your eyelashes, eyeliner, and brows.

Make-up expert Debra Robson told Hello! magazine that lots of young people with vision condition macular degeneration get semi-permanent make-up tattooed on, as they find it very difficult to see what they are doing. 

Busy lifestyles

Lots of ladies have incredibly busy lifestyles, trying to squeeze in work, family, a social life, and a fitness routine into each day. Those who are really struggling to fit everything in could benefit from semi-permanent make-up, as this would shave off 20 minutes from their morning routine. 

If they got permanent foundation, blusher, lipstick, and eyeliner tattooed on, their eyebrows microbladed and their eyelashes extended, then they would just have to get showered and dressed before they’re ready to leave for work. 

Victim of ‘90s overplucking

Another group of people who could do with microblading for thin eyebrows are those who were teens in the ‘90s and overplucked to achieve the skinny arched eyebrows that were popular at the time. 

Some women have found it difficult to grow back their eyebrows after years of plucking, so have to fill them in every morning. However, having thicker brows microbladed means they can skip this part when getting ready.