Many ladies will consider microblading during the summer when it is wedding season. Even if they are not getting married themselves, they may be among the bridesmaids or simply a guest wanting to look their best for the occasion, especially with the wedding photographer’s lens never too far away.

However, anyone thinking that the autumn is a time to forget about such ideas with fewer weddings due now and over the winter might want to reconsider.

Chiclash Boutique suggested recently that the autumn is actually much better for microblading because the weather is milder, not least as healing from microblading is easier in the cooler temperatures than when it is baking hot, something that may have especially mattered in a summer of unprecedented 40 degree C temperatures.

Firstly, it noted, there is less sweating as the temperatures drop, which means there is less oily fluid pushing all that pigment back out from your skin and pores. The cooler it is, therefore, the better.

Secondly, bright sunlight – or using a sunbed – can cause the pigment of the microblading to change colour, making the result not what you wanted when you had it done. That is why having it done when the days are less sunny and what sunshine we do get is weaker will bring better results.

Finally, there is a more nuanced element of ‘dangerous activities’. This is not about bungee jumping, but rather simply vigorous outdoor activities that might have negative effects on brows, like swimming or running. People will still do these in autumn and winter, but generally not as much.

Apart from all this, having microblading done in autumn could combine with some wider facial care efforts,especially skin. After all, autumn tends to bring drier and windier conditions which, combined with less sweat, can make skin very dry. That makes your moisturising regime very important.

So, if you fancy a bit of pampering as well as pumpkins this autumn, microblading could be a part of a great makeover that will bring you lasting benefits.