For some ladies, the idea of microblading sounds like something to get done before a wedding or another fancy summer occasion, when you are dressing up especially for the occasion and hoping to look fantastic in the myriad of photos that will emerge after the day is over.

However, one of the great benefits of our microblading in Warwickshire is the fact that this treatment is a semi-permanent one; it means your brows have not just been set up to look great on a special occasion, but for a long time beyond. In fact, it can last for between 12 and 18 months.

Just imagine what that can mean for your summer: Your brows will still look fantastic at all times. When you get out of bed, when you climb out of the swimming pool, when you stagger away from a summer party after a drink too many, when you look dishevelled after waiting too long for your flight at the airport, but also on great days out in the country, watching sport or on the beach.

Let us not forget that summer can come with a lot of moisture. Whether it is swimming in the pool or the sea, sweating or applying sun cream, there is an awful lot going onto our faces. But while that can affect some cosmetics, the process involved in microblading enables the look to remain in place no matter what.

Among the best features of microblading is that it looks so much more natural than alternatives like shading, with the latter giving the appearance of having makeup on all the time. 

So, for a natural look that will keep you looking great no matter what you get up to this summer – and a long way beyond – there is no doubt microblading is the way to go.